Niche Site Duel: Progress Log #1

September 9, 2010 at 9:12 pm (Work) (, , )

One of the blogs I follow is Smart Passive Income, and recently on that site the creator, Pat, mentioned a “niche site duel” another blogger had challenged him to. Now, I’ve been dabbling in niche sites for about a year, but have seriously lacked the motivation to really put an effort into it. But I like challenges (…sometimes), and lately I have been trying to work a lot harder on my Internet money-making endeavors because I am desperate to not have to get a “real job.” So. Seemed like perfect timing, and Pat invited others to get involved as well, so I figured I’d give it a go :D (…..Can it still be a duel if there are more than two people?)

Here is the round-up post linking to all the entries explaining the duel, as well as the progress reports of people participating:

The challenge began on August 16th, and while this is the first post I’ve made about it I’ve been working on my site since the 26th. So I’m a little behind, but that’s okay. In doing this challenge I’ll be taking Pat’s advice into account, but for the most part I will be following the process outlined by The Keyword Academy (affiliate link), which I’ve been a member of for about a year and have not been utilizing to its fullest potential at all. That program is amazing, and I’ll make a post about it in more detail soon.

When I joined the program, I immediately found keywords and purchased domains for them…then did absolutely nothing with most of the domains. For a year. I didn’t even point them at anything so they could get indexed by Google. They just sat there being completely unused and wasted. So when I decided to do this challenge, the obvious thing to do was make use of one of those domains I have. So, using  the process outlined at The Keyword Academy (TKA) and one of the tools the program provides, I picked one of the domain names — patio umbrellas info dot com — and compiled a large list of potentially profitable keywords within the “patio umbrellas” niche to write articles about. To be honest, if I were buying the domains now that is not a niche I would have picked, since it is not as good a choice as it was a year ago. But considering the other related keywords I can also target, it seemed like an ideal candidate for this duel.

Since the challenge began, I’ve been keeping track of everything I’ve done with the site. Here’s my first Progress Log:

Late September 2009: Found niche and bought domain

August 26, 2010: Set up WordPress site, following TKA and Pat’s advice

August 27: Posted 1 entry on site

August 30: Wrote 1 linking article

September 1: Posted 1 entry on site; added AdSense to site

September 2: Ranking for one of my keywords at #63/64 according to Rank Checker plugin

September 3: Wrote 1 linking article

September 6: Ranking for 1 keyword at #23 (post page); ranking for another at #198 (main site)

September 8: Posted 1 entry

September 9: Wrote 4 linking articles

Obviously I have not done quite as much work as I should be doing, but I’m trying to get better about that. The site’s not getting much traffic yet, but that’s to be expected, of course. I’m pretty optimistic about this whole thing. It feels good to finally be doing some real work on my own sites, because I know if I just keep at it long enough it’ll start to pay off.

And as a matter of fact, I just went to check Adsense while I was writing this post and the site actually made some money for the first time today! Less than a dollar, but for such a young site I’m still a bit giddy :D

I’ll try to post these progress logs about once a week, maybe more if something especially awesome happens. Good luck to everyone else involved in the challenge!



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