90 Days of Awesome

January 14, 2011 at 10:05 pm (Work, Writing) (, , , , )

Happy 2011!  I haven’t posted in months, which was unintentional but isn’t surprising. Since the last post, I turned 25, and I have a lot of things I want to accomplish before my next birthday. I’m not quite on track to completing those goals at the moment, but I’m working on getting there.

Last post I mentioned the “Summer Rush” going on at The Keyword Academy, where we were supposed to be getting as many words published as possible. Since then there’s been another challenge, called “Fall Frenzy,” which ended on December 31st. I didn’t do very well in either of those challenges, but tomorrow starts another one, called “The Cold War,” which runs through April 15th. And this time I’m determined to meet my goal of 150,000 words published. (TKA is having prize drawings at the end for people who publish enough, which they did last time too.)

During the 90-day challenge, I’m going to try to get into the habit of working on two of my other goals as well: finishing a novel, and getting in better shape.

So the idea is that for every day for 90 days, I will do the following:

  1. Write at least 1500 words for The Cold War
  2. Write at least 750 words for my NaNo novel
  3. Walk for at least an hour

The 750 word amount comes from the website 750words.com, which I found through the NaNoWriMo blog. Writing on that site is something else I will try to do every day, and some of those entries will probably double as blog posts here, since I want to update regularly during the Cold War challenge. Anyway, 750 words is a very easy number to reach for novel-writing, and if I get that amount every day by the end of the challenge I’ll have over 65,000 words, which should probably be enough to finish the first draft, or at least get very close.

Doubling that number gives me the 1500 words per day for article writing, which is equal to 5 articles of 300 words each, or fewer longer articles. Over the course of 90 days that only adds up to 135,000, but I tend to write more words than necessary. When I aimed for 1500 before I ended up with 1700, so I figure it’ll work out. And it won’t hurt to push myself a little if I’m falling behind towards the end.

So that’s the plan. I’m hoping I’ll still have time to watch my TV shows and write about them (since that was one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place!), but we’ll see.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post an update soon!


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