I know I should come up with something clever for this page, and maybe later I will. For now, hi there, I’m Katie. This blog will, theoretically, be devoted to three major things:

/Writing, of the fiction variety, because it’s what I do. Or at least, what I should be doing.

/TV, because it’s usually what keeps me from the writing. And other productive things. I watch entirely too much TV.

/Work, because that’s what is supposed to be paying the bills so I can do the writing. Work also consists of writing, although of the non-fiction variety. I’m currently doing some freelance stuff and trying to get into Internet marketing with the awesome program at The Keyword Academy (and yes, that is an affiliate link).

So there you have it. I’m a writer and a fangirl — a slash fangirl, to be specific, which will scare some people away so I suppose it’s best to just get that out in the open now. If you are somehow unaware of what that word means, then by all means stick around and find out :D

Also, I am awesome, as the blog title suggests. Chances are, so are you. ♥

(For LiveJournal users, there is a mirror of this blog up at mind-garden.livejournal.com. I also use the LJ to interact with fandom communities.)


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